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Election leaves uncertainty in the property market

Posted on June 20th 2017 / Christina Tobin
Jeremy Jacob discusses the cautious state of the property market after the election.
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Preparing for a rise in interest rates

Posted on April 13th 2017 / Will Spangler
A look into how interest rates will be affecting the ability of property ownership
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We are leaving the EU... not the property market

Posted on April 06th 2017 / Will Spangler
A short term outlook to London property market post Brexit
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Design Museum

Posted on March 29th 2017 / Will Spangler
A look at Kensington's top new attraction
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AirBNB is not working for Landlords...

Posted on March 16th 2017 / Will Spangler
The long-term costs outweigh the short-term revenues.
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Taking a look inside the Millennial mind

Posted on November 17th 2016 
Millennial’s are unlike any other generation of people......
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We are not leaving the EU??

Posted on November 04th 2016 
We are not leaving the European Union Or its soft to play for…??
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Landlord's Specificity

Posted on August 02nd 2016 / Jeremy Jacob
Specialisation in the Tenant Market
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The Brexit Effect

Posted on June 30th 2016 / Jeremy Jacob
Optimism for the Property Market
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Whats your BREXIT strategy?

Posted on March 23rd 2016 
Will the property market be ending?
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Coffee is for closers....

Posted on January 11th 2016 / Jay White
Ever seen the 90's black comedy classic Glengarry Glen Ross?
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How to get it done, before....

Posted on November 25th 2015 
Its nearly Christmas, Yikes!
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Is Rent Stabilisation The Answer?

Posted on November 13th 2015 / Jeremy Jacob
The appearing housing shortage continues
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We will be financially alleviating you.....

Posted on September 22nd 2015 / Jeremy Jacob
Jeremy Jacob Letting Specialists have come up with a simple cost effective solution: Adhesive stick on pads.
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Secret Commissions & Unfair Surcharges

Posted on June 12th 2015 / Jeremy Jacob
Its bad: secret commissions and unfair surcharges
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